Salespeople know exactly how to find the right customers and close deals but when looking for jobs they tend not to use those same skills in order. This is the number one mistake people make when looking for their next sales job. Most people simply just send in their resume and hope to be contacted but this is not strategic, it’s gambling. It is a reliance on serendipity and that merely makes you a “me too”. More important, is finding the ideal job and not just getting a job. What is the ideal company? Is there growth for me at this company? Is it in an industry that’s growing These are the questions you should be asking in order to strategically find your next sales job.

In essence, to strategically find your next sales job you need to treat it as if you are selling yourself. The only difference is that you’re the product. This can go as deep as finding the right vertical, researching various companies, researching decision-makers of those companies, prospecting them, getting in touch with them (cold-calling), and landing an interview (presentation meeting).

So what can you do to separate yourself from the crowd? Rather than being another “average Joe” candidate, try to phone the manager directly in order to express your interest. Really try to understand the business so when you do give them a call, you know a thing or two. A good sales manager will appreciate the outreach. Sending in your resume indirectly can also be very effective as well since referrals are generally favored. Especially if you know the industry you want to be in, networking through your network is crucial. Even attending trade shows and talking to people there in hopes to get in a referral can help you out. 

If you’ll be sending in a cover letter, make sure it is thoughtful and not generic. Relate it to the exact position or company you are applying to and communicate your genuine interest. 

The key takeaway is that the same way you would sell a product/service is the same way you should be selling yourself in order to strategically find your next sales job. Follow that exact same sales process and watch the opportunities presented to you grow substantially.


Author: Bryan Payne is the Chief Talent Scout and Founding Partner at Just Sales Jobs with over 25-years of experience in sales and leading high-performance sales teams. Bryan and his team specialize in recruiting top talent within the Greater Toronto Area to Kitchener Waterloo. You can reach him at