What type of Sales Jobs do you recruit for?2020-01-04T16:10:12-05:00

We cover the gamut and source and place talent from entry-level sales, sales management to senior sales leadership. The annual salary range we recruit for are typically between $50,000 – $150,00. We fill sales positions that are selling Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B),  Small to Medium Business (SMB’s), and Enterprise Clients. The types of roles include Telemarketing, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Door-to-Door Sales, Technical Sales, Account Management and Retail.

How long does it take to find the ideal Candidate.2020-01-02T14:12:38-05:00

It depends on the role. In most cases, our goal is to have candidates in front of you within 5 – 7 working days. In some cases, that involves a highly specialized search it may take longer. Once we better understand your requirements we will be able to provide you with a more accurate time frame.

Why use Just Sales Job to recruit Sales Talent for me? Can’t I do it myself?2021-02-01T10:44:54-05:00

Yes, you can recruit salespeople and leadership internally.

Definite advantages in using Just Sales Jobs to find you Top Sales Talent include:

  1. Technology – Over the years we have developed, and continue to refine Propriety Algorithms utilizing Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to quickly identify candidates that may be a perfect match for our client’s needs.
  2. Our Candidates – We spend a lot of our efforts identifying and building a relationship with Top Sales Talent within a highly targeted geographical area. Many of those candidates within our database are currently employed. They are not actively looking, you cannot reach them through advertising, and their resumes are not in job board databases. They are still open to career growth opportunities if presented.
  3. Search – If we do not have an ideal candidate in our database we search for them and contact directly through various means. In cases where you know others who are Top Talent in your industry, we reach out to them directly whereas you may feel uncomfortable doing the same when self-recruiting.
  4. Candidate Vetting – People in sales may be excellent talkers, storytellers and can be charismatic, but that doesn’t mean they are Top Sales Talent. Our value is in our methodology to identify those Top Performers within the candidate pool. In addition to our propriety Data Science algorithms, we have candidates perform Apptitute, Personality and Skills testing. Then we interview extensively and face-to-face. We do reference, job history,  and criminal background checks. This entire process does take time and is worth it. We ask questions many an employer would feel uncomfortable asking.
  5. Reduces the Burden – Many Companies do not have the time, internal infrastructure or comfortable with their ability to identify Top Sales Talent, yet hiring Top Sales Talent versus average or below average his a direct result on the bottom line. Our methodology and Talent Scouts remove the burden and only deliver candidates that they believe will have a positive impact on your business.
  6. Saves Time – We know where to look and talk too. We may even have the ideal candidate in our database and fully vetted.
  7. Performance Guarantee – We provide time-limited performance guarantees where we will find you a new candidate at no additional cost.
  8. Pricing Model – We have two engagement options, a 30-day exclusive and non-exclusive. Fees for exclusive are 15% of the base salary, and non-exclusive 18% of the base salary. Both options include a 6-month replacement guarantee if the candidate leaves or is terminated for any reason.
  9. Client Relationship – Working closely and understanding your business and if by chance an ideal candidate we come across we think may be suitable for your business, even if you are not actively hiring for the role, we will let you know.
How does your pricing plans work?2023-02-07T13:26:07-05:00

There are no upfront fees. We only collect an engagement fee if we provide a candidate that you hire.

We offer two different fee plans: Our “45-Day Exclusive” at 18% and “Non-Exclusive” at 20% of the candidate’s first-year base salary. There are no additional fees associated with signing bonuses, commissions, or increases to the base salary after hiring.

Example based on a $50,000 base salary

  • 45-day exclusive $50,000 x 18% = $9,000
  • Non-exclusive $50,000 x 20% = $10,000

Our engagement fee includes a 3-month (90-day) replacement guarantee. If the candidate leaves for any reason, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost.

Fees are payable on the candidate’s official start date.

What if I find someone myself, can I hire directly outside of our 45-day exclusive agreement?2023-02-07T13:23:58-05:00

Yes. When you choose a 45-day exclusive plan, if you hire someone through other means, we charge a 3% breakup fee based on the first year’s salary.

After 30 days, if we cannot find a suitable candidate, we will continue the search with no breakup fee.

How does your Artificial Intelligence technology help find Top Sales Talent?2020-01-04T16:03:44-05:00

The short answer is it gives us data-driven tools that automate and speeds up the process of identifying Top Sales Talent for specific roles. Each company is different and has different Sales Talent requirements based on the industry they are in the product they sell, and the culture of the company.

Using Propriety Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence technology this allows us to not only find ideal candidates but over time develop even better Algorithms that will continuously improve our ability to quickly and accurately identify the best talent dependant on the clients’ requirements.

By no means does this mean that “High Tech” will replace “High Touch,” it just says that we can accelerate much of the process and reduce costs through technology. Knowing what to look for in an interview and extensive background checks are equally as important.

How do you find Top Sales Talent?2020-01-04T16:02:44-05:00

Finding Top Sales Talent is by no means easy. In many cases, the top performers are employed and recruiting through a job board can be a “hit or miss” proposition. Not to say we don’t use job boards, we do. But we also take it much, much further. We reach out directly to Sales Talent that is currently working that may be an ideal candidate. We regularly network with those involved in sales at some level, from Sales Trainers to Sales Seminars and Sales Events.

Most important is our internal database of local candidates and regular communications with those we identify as Top Sales Talent. It’s all about building relationships and trust. Many are not looking, and when we do have an opportunity we think may be ideal for them, we reach out.

What type of background checks to you provide?2020-01-04T16:00:56-05:00

On finalist candidates, our fees include providing a criminal background check, education verification, and past employer reference checks. For reference checks, we use a 3rd party to eliminate any bias.

As a candidate, do you share my personal information?2020-01-04T15:56:30-05:00

We do not share your personal information until such time that we mutually agree you may be well suited for a position and you’d like to pursue it. Only then do we share your information with our client. Rest assured we will not be calling any of your past or present employers or references without your approval.

If you source and place a candidate will you approach them with new opportunities?2020-01-27T20:49:33-05:00

No. If we find and place a candidate with a client, we will not contact that candidate with another opportunity from a different employer.

Why should I use Just Sales Jobs instead of my company’s internal resources?2020-01-04T15:46:30-05:00

Just Sales Jobs has expertise in sales and the established network of sales professionals that your internal recruitment department may not have access to. Our recruiting methodology and interview process are sales-specific and we put our candidates through a series of sales assessment tests to identify top sales talent.

What differentiates Just Sales Jobs from other Sales Recruitment Firms?2020-01-04T15:55:33-05:00

Just Sales Jobs uses a unique and systematic interview scoring process that assesses and rates candidates on specific selling skills, alignment to client requirements, and intangibles. This process ensures that you will be presented with top candidates who have exceptional selling skills and are a great fit with the role and your company.

What sources do you use to recruit Top Sales Talent?2020-01-04T15:55:04-05:00

Our primary source of top sales talent is our established network of thousands of sales professionals in our database. Our sales recruitment team also finds candidates through advertising, direct outreach, digital and social marketing, and referrals.

How do you evaluate and assess Sales Talent?2020-01-04T15:47:07-05:00

All of our candidates are put through sales-specific face-to-face interviews and complete sales assessment tests. The results are combined to systematically rate each candidate not only on their selling skills and/or sales management abilities but also on how closely they align with your company’s culture and the specific requirements of the role.

How does the 3-month replacement guarantee work?2023-02-07T13:21:13-05:00

If, for any reason, the original candidate that is hired leaves or is terminated for any reason within the first three months, we will work with you to find a replacement candidate. It is important to note that our replacement guarantee includes a single replacement for the initially hired candidate only.