We provide two pricing options. The first is a Flat Fee and the second is 12-month subscription.

Our fees are based on the first-year salary only. There are no additional fees associated with signing bonuses, commissions or increase to the base-salary after hiring.

If selecting the Flat Fee option, the total is 15% of the first year’s salary, under two payment schedule. The first 7.5% is a non-refundable engagement fee and the second is an additional 7.5% when the candidate commences employment. The Flat FeeFee includes a 6-month replacement guarantee if the candidate leaves for any reason. In such cases, we will replace the candidate at no additional cost.

For the Subscription option, the first 7.5% is a non-refundable engagement fee and the remaining is twelve equal payments of 1% which begins once the candidate commences employment. We provide a 2-month replacement guarantee if the candidate’s employment terminates for any reason you are no longer are obligated to pay the 1% monthly fee until we find you a replacement. If the candidate leaves after 2-months, to replace that candidate it would be considered a new recruitment engagement.