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Candidate FAQ

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how our recruitment process works:

Step One: Résumé Submission

Once you send us your résumé, we’ll thoroughly review it.

Step Two: Matching with Client Needs

We compare your qualifications with what the client is seeking. If there’s a good match, we’ll contact you.

Step Three: Experience Questionnaire

We’ll send you a questionnaire for more details about your relevant experience. Completing this helps us assess your fit for the role.

Step Four: Interview Scheduling

Before proceeding with an interview, we ask you to complete a sales history questionnaire and take a Sales Aptitude test.

Step Five: Client Review

After the interview, if you’re a strong candidate, our recruiter compiles your information and shares it with the client for their review.

Step Six: Client Interview

If the client believes you’re a good fit, we assist in coordinating an interview between you and the client. Sometimes, the client may contact you directly.

Step Seven: Multiple Client Interviews

It’s common for clients to conduct multiple interviews.

Step Eight: Ongoing Support

We’re here to address any questions or concerns you have throughout the process. However, the final hiring decision rests with the client.

Step Nine: Keeping You in Mind

We keep your information on file even if you’re not selected for a particular role so we can proactively reach out to you when new opportunities arise. You can also browse our website for job listings or sign up for new job alerts via email and contact us if you see a role that looks like a good fit.

We aim to ensure a successful match for both the candidate and the employer, and we’re committed to the happiness and success of both parties.

Unfortunately, we do not. Our expertise lies in recruiting for sales and sales-related roles. We focus on a wide range of sales positions, including: inside sales, outside sales, sales leadership, technical sales, customer service and support, sales support, and sales administration.

Our dedicated focus on these areas enables us to gain a deep understanding of the skills required. It allows us to excel at matching the ideal sales candidate with the perfect employer. 

Yes, we certainly do! Keeping your résumé in our database is an essential part of our process. Whenever we embark on a new hiring project, the first place we check is our extensive résumé database. If you’ve interviewed with us in the past, rest assured that we already have all your information on file, and we’ll reach out to you directly when relevant opportunities arise.

We also encourage you to upload your résumé, even if we don’t have a specific job opening matching your skills. Our recruiters regularly search our résumé database, and our AI technology assists us in identifying potential matches for new positions. It’s a proactive way to stay connected with us.

Furthermore, if you make any updates or changes to your résumé, please don’t hesitate to return to our website and upload the latest version. We want to ensure we have the most accurate and up-to-date information about your qualifications to match you with the right opportunities. Your career journey is important to us, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Absolutely! All the positions we recruit for come with a base salary. We intentionally avoid recruiting for roles that rely solely on 100% commission. Typically, our base salaries are above the $50,000 mark. We aim to match you with employers where the compensation aligns with your level of expertise and abilities, ensuring that you receive a competitive base pay and earn additional commissions based on your performance. Your financial security and success in your career are important to us.

The ultimate decision to hire rests with the client. We believe in fostering the right fit for both parties, so we intentionally refrain from influencing this decision on either side. The hiring decision must be mutually beneficial and made independently by both the candidate and the client.

Our approach is to provide you with as much information as possible about the client and role without sugarcoating things. If you like what you hear, we share your complete profile with the client and hope they agree that you look like a great fit. Our ideal outcome is that both parties are excited and eagerly looking forward to working together.

No. When you secure a job with one of our clients, we are delighted to assist in making the connection, and our fees are covered entirely by the client. Rest assured, our services are entirely free for candidates like yourself. Pursuing the perfect job won’t come with any costs—it’s completely complimentary.

Just Sales Jobs gets compensated through the client. When employers seek our assistance finding their ideal candidate, clients pay us a fee. There is absolutely no cost to you as a candidate. 

We only share your personal information once we mutually agree you may be well suited for a position and you’d like to pursue it. Only then do we share your information with our client. Rest assured, we will only contact your past or present employers or references with your approval.

We’re here to support you during the compensation negotiation process and will help you in any way we can. While it’s often best for the two parties to engage in direct discussions and come to mutually agreeable terms, there are certain situations where we can act as an intermediary. If you receive an offer that doesn’t quite meet your expectations or you want guidance before discussing it further with the client, we’re here to provide insight. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the employer and the candidate both feel comfortable and satisfied with the final compensation package. 

Our primary focus is on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Metro Vancouver (GVRD). Our specific geographic focus allows us to build strong relationships with local candidates and companies, enabling us to proactively connect you with local sales jobs. 

We truly understand the importance of career guidance and development. However, as recruiters, we are not experts in career counselling. There are specialized career counseling companies available for in-depth career counseling services, including assistance with résumé writing, interview skills, and job search strategies. These experts often charge a fee to the candidate for their services.

We do provide interview and resume tips on our Candidate Blog though.

Unfortunately, despite our sincere desire, we don’t always have the capacity and resources to interview every candidate.

Our recruiters are typically engaged in many active job searches and client interviews. Given the workload and the priority placed on fulfilling active job engagements, interviewing every candidate who submits a resume can be challenging and isn’t always possible.

However, we assure you that your information is actively reviewed when you submit your résumé or apply for positions with us. 

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