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5 Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention strategy should be one of the top priorities on your list if you want to build a strong and stable team of employees. It can also get quite expensive to retrain, rehire, and replace top talent. The good news is that up to 77% of employee departures can be prevented using the correct […]

5 Things to Keep Off a Resume

Constructing a resume that will catch the eye of an employer can be tricky. There is a vast number of things to include on your resume which can make it that much more difficult to keep it short, yet effective. Some of the features that used to be essential on a resume are no longer […]

What Candidates Look for in the Ideal Employer

The job market remains hot as we go into the second half of 2022 and demand for talent is at an all-time high with ample job listings available for employees to choose from. This is not only the time for employees to build their careers and find a job that suits their needs but also […]

5 Ways to Expand Your Network

Networking is absolutely vital to how successful you will be in your career and is considered your greatest asset, especially in sales where the strength of your network is associated with how well you perform. With the rise of remote work, networking can be more difficult than it used to be. However, no matter where […]

101 Questions to ask Candidates in a Sales Interview

Gathering enough information regarding a candidate within a short period of time can be quite challenging. Asking the right questions in an interview will make the decision process less difficult as to whether or not they are fit for the role you are hiring for. The key is to uncover their skillset (hard and soft), […]

Job Seekers Market: 2022 Insights

As of March 2022, the unemployment rate in Canada sits at a record low of 5.3%. It is no doubt that employers are struggling with worker retention as we continue in a job-seekers market. We are also seeing an upward trend amongst HR jobs being the integration of AI technology to handle activities such as […]

How To Strategically Find Your Next Sales Job

Salespeople know exactly how to find the right customers and close deals but when looking for jobs they tend not to use those same skills in order. This is the number one mistake people make when looking for their next sales job. Most people simply just send in their resume and hope to be contacted […]

How To Get Into A Sales Career

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a working individual who’s looking to switch career paths, sales is a profession that has become extremely popular and highly rewarding if you’re someone who loves working with people. Luckily, there is no one way to get into a sales career which opens doors for many people.  Let’s dive […]

How To Respond To Interview Questions You Don’t Know The Answer To

I’m sure we have all experienced an interview we prepared so hard for, only to be hit with that one question we don’t know the answer to. It can throw us off quite a bit which is why we will be going through exactly how to respond to interview questions you don’t know the answer […]

Difficult Interview Questions – How to Answer Them

You probably know by now that interview preparation is absolutely crucial in order to stand out and do well. Even the simplest of questions can be amongst the most difficult to answer.   Let’s explore some of the difficult interview questions that you will likely need to answer and review how you should go about […]

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