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 The adage is true. The top 20% of Sales Performers drive 80% of the sales. But finding those in the 20% club is not easy. We can help! As one of the top recruitment agencies in Ontario, we are experts in sourcing and placing Top Sales Talent. Using proprietary Data Science Algorithms, we have developed a “High Tech” and “High Touch” methodology to quickly identify Top Sales Performers.

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We are innovating with technology and doing the same with pricing. Not only do we offer flat fee recruitment pricing at lower than the industry average, but we also offer a monthly subscription model designed to make it more affordable for companies to find Top Sales Talent, manage cash flow and reduce financial risks.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in recruiting Top Sales Talent, from entry-level to executive leadership. All our Talent Scouts have been proven successful in both sales and sales leadership throughout their career, who better to identify and recruit Top Sales Talent. Much of the Top Sales Talent we place are currently employed, and our mission is to find and develop relationships and present them with ideal growth opportunities.

Our approach is both “High Tech” and “High Touch” and designed to identify Top Sales Talent. We do not see ourselves as a “Recruitment Agency,” so much as we are a “Sales Talent Agency”. Our focus is on providing “quality” candidates over “quantity,” and work in partnership with our clients to positively impact their business through our relationship.

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